Experimental Debian (SID) Software Repository
for the PPC64 big endian architecture

1) add the gpg key related to the repository

sudo -s wget -O - https://repo.powerprogress.org/debian/conf/public.gpg.key|sudo -s apt-key add

2) edit the list of repositories checked by apt by adding it to the /etc/apt/sources.list

deb https://repo.powerprogress.org/debian sid main

3) tell apt to prioritize the powerprogress repository (pinning priority) by editing the file /etc/apt/preferences (create the file if it doesn't exist) where you should add the following lines:

Package: * Pin: origin repo.powerprogress.org Pin-Priority: 1001

4) update the apt database

sudo apt-get update && upgrade

If it is the first time you added the repository, apt-secure must be invoked

sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change

After all that, you may want to try installing Firefox from the newly added repository:

sudo apt install firefox


Currently available packages
  1. Super Mario War (game) version 1.7-8
    This group contains 3 packages [show]
  2. Firefox (browser) version 52.8.0esr-1
    This group contains 96 packages [show]
  3. firmware-amd-graphics (v.20170823-1,  1.82MB)
  4. fs-uae (Amiga emulator) version 2.8.4+dfsg-1
    This group contains 5 packages [show]
  5. Iceweasel (Thunderbird email client) version 52.8.0esr-1
    This group contains 94 packages [show]
  6. Linux kernel (PPC64)
    This group contains 6 packages [show]
  7. mencoder (v.2:1.3.0-8,  0.82MB)
  8. mesa (OpenGL) version 18.0.4-1
    This group contains 31 packages [show]
  9. Midori (browser) version 0.5.11-ds1-2~bpo8+1
    This group contains 1 packages [show]
  10. mplayer (v.2:1.3.0-8,  2.19MB)
  11. mplayer-dbgsym (v.2:1.3.0-8,  3.13MB)
  12. mplayer-doc (v.2:1.3.0-8,  1.27MB)
  13. mplayer-gui (v.2:1.3.0-8,  1.26MB)
  14. mplayer-gui-dbgsym (v.2:1.3.0-8,  3.64MB)
  15. qemu (multiple CPU architectures emulator) version 1:2.12+dfsg-1
    This group contains 27 packages [show]
  16. vice (C64 emulator) version 3.1.0.dfsg1-1
    This group contains 2 packages [show]
  17. VLC (media player) version 3.0.2-1
    This group contains 38 packages [show]
  18. x265 (video encoding and decoding library) version 2.7-3
    This group contains 6 packages [show]

11 groups, 632 packages, total repository size 1649.3MB (1.61GB)