Experimental Debian (SID) Software Repository
for the PPC64 big endian architecture (64 bit only)
with Altivec or Vector Media Extension (VMX) and no Vector Scalar Extension (VSX)

WARNING Our *highly experimental* repository is for Altivec enabled PPC64 (PowerPC 64 bit) only (e.g. G5 based Apple Macs or NXP QorIQ e6500 64bit CPUs with Altivec).
These packages will not work on 32 bit only CPUs, such as G3 or G4 based Apple Macs, or those PowerPC 64bit CPU without Altivec (e.g. NXP QorIQ e5500).
Our reference Linux installation is based on a 64 bit Debian SID. You may want to use the net installer CD unofficially provided by Debian
and use their PPC64 bit repository as the main source of software
   deb http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports/ sid main

1) add the gpg key related to the repository

sudo -s wget -O - https://repo.powerprogress.org/debian/conf/public.gpg.key|sudo -s apt-key add

2) edit the list of repositories checked by apt by adding it to the /etc/apt/sources.list

deb [arch=ppc64] https://repo.powerprogress.org/debian sid main

3) tell apt to prioritize the powerprogress repository (pinning priority) by editing the file /etc/apt/preferences.d/preferences (create the file if it doesn't exist) where you should add the following lines:

Package: *
Pin: origin repo.powerprogress.org
Pin-Priority: 1001

4) update the apt database

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

If it is the first time you added the repository, apt-secure must be invoked

sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change

After all that, you may want to try installing Firefox from the newly added repository:

sudo apt install firefox-esr


Currently available packages
  1. Super Mario War (game) version 1.7-8
    This group contains 3 packages [show]
  2. arcticfox (v.40.0,  31.78MB)
  3. caprice32 (v.4.6.0-1,  0.54MB)
  4. cpp-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  5.05MB)
  5. cpp-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  42.8MB)
  6. e-uaeppcjit (v.1.0.2,  11.54MB)
  7. Firefox (browser) version 52.9.0esr-1+1
    This group contains 96 packages [show]
  8. firmware-amd-graphics (v.20170823-1,  1.82MB)
  9. fs-uae (Amiga emulator)
    This group contains 0 packages [show]
  10. g++-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  5.53MB)
  11. g++-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  45.93MB)
  12. g++-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  0MB)
  13. gcc-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  5.39MB)
  14. gcc-6-base (v.6.5.0-2,  0.18MB)
  15. gcc-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  45.73MB)
  16. gcc-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  0MB)
  17. gcc-6-plugin-dev (v.6.5.0-2,  1.01MB)
  18. gcc-6-plugin-dev-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  0.18MB)
  19. gcc-6-test-results (v.6.5.0-2,  7.39MB)
  20. gccgo-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  11.05MB)
  21. gccgo-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  47.24MB)
  22. gccgo-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  5.06MB)
  23. gdc-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  5.58MB)
  24. gdc-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  44.81MB)
  25. gdc-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  0MB)
  26. gfortran-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  5.39MB)
  27. gfortran-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  43.43MB)
  28. gfortran-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  0MB)
  29. glmark2 (v.2021.01,  0.27MB)
  30. glmark2-data (v.2021.01,  6.28MB)
  31. glmark2-drm (v.2021.01,  0.28MB)
  32. glmark2-es2 (v.2021.01,  0.27MB)
  33. glmark2-es2-wayland (v.2021.01,  0.27MB)
  34. glmark2-wayland (v.2021.01,  0.28MB)
  35. gnat-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  10.08MB)
  36. gnat-6-dbgsym (v.6.5.0-2,  47.46MB)
  37. gngeo (v.0.8-1,  0.68MB)
  38. gobjc++-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  5.32MB)
  39. gobjc++-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  0MB)
  40. gobjc-6 (v.6.5.0-2,  4.89MB)
  41. gobjc-6-multilib (v.6.5.0-2,  0MB)
  42. h-craft (v.1.3.3,  35.56MB)
  43. Iceweasel (Thunderbird email client) version 52.9.0esr-1+1
    This group contains 94 packages [show]
  44. Linux kernel (PPC64)
    This group contains 8 packages [show]
  45. lib32asan3 (v.6.5.0-2,  0.26MB)
  46. lib32gcc-6-dev (v.6.5.0-2,  0.51MB)
  47. lib32stdc++-6-dev (v.6.5.0-2,  0.55MB)
  48. libasan3 (v.6.5.0-2,  0.26MB)
  49. libgcc-6-dev (v.6.5.0-2,  0.62MB)
  50. libhunspell-1.6-0 (v.1.6.2-2,  0.17MB)
  51. libisl19 (v.0.19-1,  0.51MB)
  52. libnfs11 (v.2.0.0-1~exp1,  0.07MB)
  53. libnss3 (v.2:3.61-1,  1.34MB)
  54. libnss3-dev (v.2:3.61-1,  0.24MB)
  55. libnss3-tools (v.2:3.61-1,  1.02MB)
  56. libpcre2-16-0 (v.10.36-2,  0.15MB)
  57. libpcre2-32-0 (v.10.36-2,  0.14MB)
  58. libpcre2-8-0 (v.10.36-2,  0.16MB)
  59. libpcre2-dev (v.10.36-2,  0.52MB)
  60. libpcre2-posix2 (v.10.36-2,  0.05MB)
  61. libplacebo5 (v.0.5.0-2,  0.1MB)
  62. libprotobuf-dev (v.3.0.0-9.2,  0.96MB)
  63. libprotobuf-lite10 (v.3.0.0-9.2,  0.13MB)
  64. libsfml-audio2.5 (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.06MB)
  65. libsfml-dev (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.13MB)
  66. libsfml-doc (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.77MB)
  67. libsfml-graphics2.5 (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.15MB)
  68. libsfml-network2.5 (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.06MB)
  69. libsfml-system2.5 (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.04MB)
  70. libsfml-window2.5 (v.2.5.1+dfsg-1,  0.08MB)
  71. libstdc++-6-dev (v.6.5.0-2,  1.38MB)
  72. libtgvoip-dev (v.2.4.4-1,  0.75MB)
  73. libubsan0 (v.6.5.0-2,  0.13MB)
  74. mencoder (v.2:1.3.0-8,  0.82MB)
  75. mesa (OpenGL)
    This group contains 0 packages [show]
  76. Midori (browser) version 9.0-1.gbpe68be7
    This group contains 1 packages [show]
  77. mplayer (v.2:1.3.0-8,  2.19MB)
  78. mplayer-dbgsym (v.2:1.3.0-8,  3.13MB)
  79. mplayer-doc (v.2:1.3.0-8,  1.27MB)
  80. mplayer-gui (v.2:1.3.0-8,  1.26MB)
  81. mplayer-gui-dbgsym (v.2:1.3.0-8,  3.64MB)
  82. palemoon (v.28.2019.04.24,  59.69MB)
  83. palemoon-dbgsym (v.28.2019.04.24,  2.69MB)
  84. pcre2-utils (v.10.36-2,  0.16MB)
  85. powermoon (v.,  62.33MB)
  86. qemu (multiple CPU architectures emulator)
    This group contains 0 packages [show]
  87. supertuxkart (v.0.9.2+dfsg-2-powerprogresscommunity-build-1,  3.54MB)
  88. supertuxkart-data (v.0.9.2+dfsg-2-powerprogresscommunity-build-1,  464.47MB)
  89. telegram-desktop (v.1.7.0-1,  16.23MB)
  90. vice (C64 emulator) version 3.7.0
    This group contains 1 packages [show]
  91. VLC (media player)
    This group contains 0 packages [show]
  92. x265 (video encoding and decoding library) version 3.1.1-2
    This group contains 13 packages [show]

11 groups, 594 packages, total repository size 2044.75MB (2GB)